Podcast 024 / MMØ / Loopaina Records

Guillermo Rodríguez aka MMØ is a versatile artist who seeks transmit in their energetic Hibryd Sets a series of melodies hypnotic and futuristic sounds, accompanied by atmospheres and deep textures, without leaving a side a compact bassline and blunt, with which he seeks the balance in his musical line, with the objective of involving the listener and drive it to a real rave. In his 2-year career as a producer
musical, has released his tracks on labels such as: KPLR Label (Mexico), Parallel Thoughts Limited (Colombia), Betrieb Records (Germany), Industrial Techno United (Italy), VaporTrail Black ( Spain), Habitat Musical Records (Colombia), Business Class Records (Colombia), DB2BR Recordings (Colombia), Despair Escape Records (Colombia), ORKS Label (Argentina), HEIMISGARRØR (Slovenia)





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