Our co-owner and booking manager, Étam, has recorded a mix-set for SYNC BEAT magazine’s podcast series, full of edited and unreleased music from our Loopaina Records artists.

ÉTAM is an artist based in Barcelona, after spending several years in his neighbor Tarragona where he began to get to know the club scene and became interested in the world of electronic music.

Hi sets are based on creating a connection with the listener, based on dark techno with hypnotic and forceful sounds. His mixes full of energy manage to captivate the audience and allow them to have a musical journey from beginning to end, with long intros and closings in the purest Berlin style.

In February 2022, together with his partner Isgang, he embarked on the adventure of creating his own record label, Loopaina Records, where since then they have released music by different artists such as KØ​LP​Ø​S, DSNGDMANN, Rutechno, Rødder, among others. , and they will continue to release new music by artists like Neiland, Juan Campos, Downside and more, which will see the light of day this year and the next. They have also taken a music production course at all levels, taught by Xhei, Argentine producer and DJ.

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