Oddworld is on Fire [LPR019] by DSNGDMANN

<< Oddworld is the darkest and most hidden world of DSNGDMANN’s production. A journey that begins with the arrival of visitors from elsewhere with From Another Side. The transport to the confines comes from the hand of Elum, a bipedal creature that rides on a minimal groove with space atmospheres typical of science fiction. Paramita, inhabitant of the forests of the most danceable Techno, does not leave behind his atmospheric malformations and more tribal rhythms. Oddworld is on Fire is the end of the trip, where everything ends in flames, with uncontrolled lines but dominated by the forcefulness of the drums that make this fantastic trip jump through the air. >>






A Thousand Details: Nice stuff!
DORHG: Thanks for the promo!Great Job
Paula Cazenave: Nice, will try sure.
DVS1: Thanks.
Marboc: Great All material
Twodeck: Every day they surpass themselves more in their productions, I am freaked out by Loopaina Records
AnalogicPTR931: Amazing EP!
LUĐØ: Forcefulness of sound
s3gma: I will put them without a doubt, very good!



Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): DSNGDMANN
Remixer(s): Rødder
Album: Oddworld is on Fire
Track(s): From Another Side, Elum, Paramita, Oddworld is on Fire, Oddworld is on Fire (Re edit) & Elum (Rødder Remix)
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR019
Release Date: January 11th 2023

Mastered by Loopaina Records

Cover Art: isgN Art Desing

3% of the Loopaina Record’s benefits will be destined to children autism NGOs

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