Team Series 003 / DSNGDMANN

This Cadiz native brings fresh ideas on Techno, both in production and on the decks. DSNGDMANN is the result of years polishing his own style. A more forceful, hypnotic and deep Techno with which he has already released on labels such as Nulabel Rec, Induxtriall Records, Black Codes Experiments or BLACK STARS CORPORATION, in addition to collaborations and remixes with different artists of the national scene, such as Cristian Varela, Rødder or Isgang among others. He has a close relationship with Loopaina Records, with whom he collaborates, in addition to his music with several releases, also with some artwork.
He is now focused on his project DSNGDRadio Studios, composed of DSNGDRadio Show, DSNGDRadio Records and DSNGDArts. He has also created his creative space called AMROD, where he will publish most of his work as DSNGDMANN. A versatile artist within the Techno circuit and who tries to grow every day with hard work and dedication.



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