Today we share a talk with the producer and deejay DSNGDMANN.
He will tell us a little about his latest work, an EP that will be available next Wednesday, January 11 on all platforms. He will also tell us a little about our first anniversary, where he will be one of the artists who will accompany us on this great night of 2-10-23 at Secta club, Madrid.

Jorge: Hello DSNGDMANN, it’s a pleasure to share a chat with you and tell us a bit about your next EP that we edit on Loopaina Records, and that will be released on January 11th.
“Oddworld is on fire”, that’s the name of your EP, made up of 6 incredible tracks.
Paramita (Original mix) is my fauvorite to say the least, but the whole album seems amazing to me.
On what have you based to create this album?

DSNGDMANN: Hello friends. The pleasure is mine. This ep has been the product of several months of sound research, but above all, nostalgia. Nostalgia because I based myself on an old video game to find the path of this work. It’s a sordid story about interspecies wars, slavery and various aspects that give that darkness to all the tracks, but marking my more DJ-oriented style.

Jorge: On this album there is a collaboration with a remix by the artist Rødder, an artist who has worked from the beginning like you on our label and we are delighted with his work. What do you think about being able to work with different artists from Loopaina Records when it comes to making music?

DSNGDMANN: It is always a joy to have such a magnificent team of artists. Being few from the same place, there is a spectacular connection between everyone and that is transmitted in the music

Jorge: I see a change compared to your first EP “Bidireccional” that you released with us a few months ago,
What has led you to innovate with these powerful sounds?

DSNGDMANN: It has been a path of research, testing and above all, training. XHEI is to blame for this improvement in my sound. In addition to this formation, I have decided to take a step forward and look for the forcefulness that I could not find before. Honestly, after the course with XHEI there has been a before and after.

Jorge: You have taken the name of XHEI, being our teacher who teaches the different production courses.
You’ve been one of the first to taste the magic of producer XHEI as a teacher.
What has it contributed to you in your productions? Do you think it’s worth it?

DSNGDMANN: It’s worth it. 200%. XHEI is an excellent and more than recognized producer and DJ, and it shows when it comes to transmitting knowledge. The closeness with which he treats the classes makes him learn much faster. After this course I have acquired a technique and sound quality that I could not obtain before.

Jorge: We are glad to know how well the course has gone for you, it is our goal, that artists can acquire those extra knowledge and “tricks” that “el mago” can contribute. Besides the release of Loopaina, what other works have you released or do you have planned?

DSNGDMANN: On December 28th an 8-track album was released for BlackStars Corporation, where I have been able to expose again my deepest vision of Techno. It has been very well received with feedback from Fernanda Martins, Exium, Oliver Rosemann, Abatract Division, Ancient Methods or Pfirter, among many others, as well as playing several tracks this Christmas, including Amotik or A Thousand Details among others.
I also have a release coming up for Airsound Records. But where I want to focus all my strength is on AMROD, my creative space that we’ll talk about another time.

Jorge: Our anniversary is approaching, which we are working hard to offer the public an unforgettable night.
February 10th is just around the corner and DSNGDMANN will be one of the guests to play music that night.
We can’t wait to see you “on fire” as your next EP hehehe,
What can DSNGDMANN bring us in the cabin?

DSNGDMANN: Well, On fire arrived. And I want to demonstrate it on the dishes. I am going to prepare a very loaded session of my own unreleases that I want to try on the Funktion One systems, which we will have at this event. Without a doubt, I go with everything.

Jorge: PWCCA, Isgang, Rødder… What do you think of the artists that will accompany us on our anniversary?

DSNGDMANN: Great artists and better people. I have the pleasure of knowing Jose (PWCCA) for some time now, in addition to having shared a booth at some private party and having collaborated on my DSNGDRadio platform. We already know everything he has achieved… As for Isgang or Rødder, I can’t say less than thanks to Loopaina, I have met friends. Friends who are great artists and who are advancing by giant steps. They are the future of national techno without a doubt.

Jorge: To finish, as always, we wish you the best in your career and tell you that we are delighted that you are part of this family, grateful for your support and help.
We wish you a happy new year 2023.

DSNGDMANN: Loopaina will always be the one who has helped me explode as an artist, so I can only wish you the best of success in everything you do, now and in the future. Happy 2023.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records

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