Angels around us (Various Artists) [LPR033]

Yearly, at Loopaina Records we prepare a special project in the form of a V.A. release featuring great artists from the techno scene. Our sole intention with these LPs is giving visibility to autism, and especially the children who are dealing with this condition, so that they may have an easier life.

Our motivation in all this is to be able to make the autism spectrum more known to the world and raise awareness as much as possible, we understand that we work in a fairly broad area with many people around us, artists, musicians, fans, etc., and we see each other with the obligation to send this message.

For this year 2024 we have created a very special album with 26 international artists, who have provided us with 25 tracks and we have decided to make a Limited Edition of 150 copies on double CD, all profits received from the sales of this album, both in Digital format and in physical format (double CD) will be fully donated to an NGO that works with children who suffer from the condition of autism, thus trying to do our bit to help them in your daily life to have a better life.

This year we have decided to collaborate with TEA [ASPERGER] CENTRAL CATALONIA, an entity with a spirit of profit, founded in 2009 by a group of peers and seas, given the limited existence of resources, in order to be able to donate coverage to the needs of the six fills with Asperger’s Syndrome, to help improve the income quality of life.

You can contribute to the cause by accessing the purchase of the album in its different versions in the links that we leave below:


Digital & Digital & double CD Format


Double CD Format (click on the photo)



We want to thank all of the artists for their music and willingness to participate in this beautiful project:

HD SUBSTANCE, A4, ALXN, Augusto Taito, Beatrice & Unkle Fon, Biorc, DSNGDMANN, Dejan (SE), Elektrabel, Groof, Hugo Rolan, Isgang, Javi Lago, Rabent, Julieta Kopp, LachrymaL, Linear System, Myorga, Nectar Experience, PWCCA, Pyramidal Decode, Robert Hoff, Soul Lazh, XHEI & Aöcram.

Mastered by Analog Hub Mix & Mastering

Cover Art by Luca del Río (10 years old)
Artwork by Loopaina Records

100% of the proceeds from this album will go to an NGO for children with autism.


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