LPR-P068 by elektrabel [Loopaina Records Techno Series]

Elektrabel symbolizes the true ethos of techno in its constant shifting of dark sonic purity while maintaining a danceable tempo. Tomas Hartl, aka Elektrabel, is not afraid to admit that he is following the vision of the best underground techno records he grew up with in the 90s. Back then, the producers were all about expanding the sonic possibilities while maintaining the concept of the final record being mainly a kind of club weapon for DJs.
The combination of dark piercing sounds, hard beats and atmospheric depths is a basic tool that still works today. This seemingly simple approach carries throughout Elektrabel’s discography: he alternates dense techno tracks on singles with sonic and rhythmic experiments on albums, such as the successful MISSING trilogy.
The same is true in his live performances. Jeff Mills, who became a key figure in Elektrabel’s career, recognized that this is not a mediocre production. Mills’ lifelong fascination with the universe and his discoveries at the level of galaxies, stars, black holes and planets, were imprinted in the philosophy of his 6277 label, whose sonic mission was to be an expedition to Mars. His debut release on the label was the 2003 vinyl MISSION ONE, backed by Elektrabel, who had danced to Jeff Mills at Bratislava’s popular U.Club just a few years before. In one of the interviews Jeff Mills talked about how Elektrabel’s tracks were special because they contained frequencies he hadn’t heard before. That’s why it was interesting to start releasing Elektrabel’s work. The following single, CROCKS, heralded the release of his first album FOR VARIOUS REASONS, which opened the doors to clubs and festivals worldwide for him. Elektrabel performs primarily his live techno act. He’s constantly refining his set-up, whether expanding or minimizing it, with the simple aim of bringing his studio and sounds straight to the stage for the audience to enjoy.

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