LPR-P069 By Wifredo

[Loopaina Records meets S.A.P. Techno Club]

Wifredo has maintained his relationship as a DJ with the techno scene since 1994, this date being when he began to perform in various clubs in Madrid’s area and outside of it. In his aspect as a producer, the figures of Richard Polson, Regis, Portion Reform and Mugon are transcendental. More distant echoes of influences from Josh Wink and Enmanuel Top could give rise to the deeper subtext that ignited the spark of his creativity. He currently works with labels such as Inducted Waves, BSC Records, Hardtools, Logical Methods, B55 and Fracture Records. The imprint of their sets is always intense, since they are developed with a strong dynamic and minimalist character, based on the overlapping and concatenation of rhythms and basses. He currently collaborates with the S.A.P Techno Club collective, participating in multiple of their events. This set also adds moments to three decks that provide greater forcefulness to an already very energetic speech.

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