Esp​í​ritus by KØLPØS [LPR​-​V001] & Remixes

Digital version of the release [LPR-V001] released on vinyl in January 2024, including bonus tracks in the form of remixes by Endplate, Isgang, NWHR, Pyramidal Decode & PWCCA.





Espíritus by KØLPØS

All music written and produced by KØLPØS

Remixers: Endplate, Isgang, NWHR, Pyramidal Decode & PWCCA

Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky

Label: Loopaina Records
CAT#: LPR-V001

Artwork by Loopaina Records
Photo taken in Chiang Rai, Thailand by Jorge del Río.

Loopaina Records, all rights reserved.

Vinyl purchase option (Includes DSNGDMANN remix)


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