Spores [LPR034] by R/D/V

Releases April 26, 2024




“Spores” symbolises the culmination of experiences and influences lived over time within a given lifetime. Each track represents a testament to the growth and evolution that follows exposure to diverse environments and ideas. Just as spores disperse to bring life to new places, the album spreads its deep and hypnotic Techno roots, drawing from the depth of past encounters to cultivate a rich, immersive soundscape. It is an auditory exploration of how moments and memories can germinate into profound artistic expression, thriving in the fertile ground of creativity and innovation.

Spores by R/D/V

All music written and produced by Luca Redivo

Remixers: Isgang & STNDRD.

Mastered by Analog Hub

Label: Loopaina Records
CAT#: LPR034

Artwork by Loopaina Records
Photo taken in Singapure by Jorge del Río.

Loopaina Records, all rights reserved.


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