LPR-P067 By A4

[Loopaina Records Techno Series]

Asier Morillas is A4, Dj and producer from Irun (Euskadi, Spain).
His music career started in 2014 as a Dj and some years later in 2018 as producer, releasing his first track “Black Machine” inside of Tonal 09 Compilation, and his first EP “Point Position” on Sub tl.
His debut becomes relevant and captures the attention of the media and the main artists on the scene, and he continues releasing his music in the following years on labels such as Illegal Alien (México) several EP’s, Faut Section ( Lewis Fautzi’s label ), Deadcert Records(UK) or Subsist Records (Spain).
In 2022 he released his first album “The Future Starts Now” on Axis Records, directed by Jeff Mills.
Also in the same year he created a new project with HD Substance called Rude Solo having two releases on the
Spanish labels Inguma Records and Sub tl again.
In 2023 his second album “There Is No Night Or Day” is released on Warm Up Recordings, run by Oscar Mulero.
For this 2024, Asier is working on some releases for different and relevant labels of techno scene.
His style is abstract and cosmic techno, cooked with modular synths and analog machines focused on futuristic sound design and complex arrangements.


A4 – Unreleased
David Reina – Measure
Allen – Tight Beam
Tauceti – Cherry Tree
André – Torax
Staffan Linzatti – Fragile
Mal Hombre – Scalar
Hugo Rolan – Unreleased
David Reina – Designio
David Reina – Overtake
A4 – Unreleased
A4 – Unreleased
Hugo Rolan – Transición Oscura
Hugo Rolan – Unreleased
A4 – Degrading Fall
Tauceti – Hainan Cham
David Reina – Nemesis
Mod21 – It gets into your brain
A4 – Unreleased
A4 – Unreleased
David Reina – Introsprective
A4 – Unreleased

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