LPR-P066 By Umbral [Loopaina Records meets S.A.P. Techno Club]

In search of a broad musical space, Umbral’s perspective tends completely towards a facet away from the main scene, focusing his participation in S.A.P Techno Club. Without a specific preference in nuances, his sessions cover all types of techno. This particular session is divided into two different parts. A first part more focused on middle harmonies, bass and kick drum, and a second part with more open rhythms and a more epic and industrial character.

01_Lethal Frame_Oblio
03_DCM_Empty Future
04_Birth of Frecuency_One_Thousand_Leagues 05_Reless_Seed
07_Geinst _Ecosens
10_Oxygeno_Neurological Disintegration
11_Sciahri_Unconscious Unconscious
12_MZR _Uraia
13_Rush Plus_Staring At The Sun
14_Positive Centre_Lilith 15_ShhGrr_Grrrraaagggxx
16_NighTmare _Armagheddon
17_Fairground Of Tears_Execution 18_Foreseer_Truth Within The Truth
19_ ShhGrr_Pistola y mantequilla

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