Sound​ ​Crackles [LPR031] by Drucal & Azogiař

November 17 on Bandcamp, November 24 on all platforms.

Reference No. 31 from Loopaina Records, signed by Drucal & Azogiař, two emerging Colombian artists living in Spain.
They present us with this 6-track album with forceful, hypnotic and hard sounds, perfect for the dance floor, very faithful to their musical production philosophy.




Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): Drucal & Azogiař
Album/Single: Sound​ ​Crackles
Track(s): Dondakan, Extraterrestrial Project, Silent Slot, Fluid Noise, Stained & Whispering
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR031
Release Date:
November 17, 2023 Exclusive on Bandcamp.
November 24, 2023 All platforms.

MASTERED BY: Analog Hub Studio /
Cover Art by Loopaina Records
Designer: Jorge del Rio
Photo take in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar by Jorge del Rio.

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