[Loopaina Records meets S.A.P. Techno Club]

His first contacts with dishes were in the year 2000,
influenced by leading artists of the time such as Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Oliver Ho or Dylan Drazen from whom he learned by investing hours at the foot of the booth in those events in which he managed to be in front of her, he has more than 20 years of experience within the electronic scene, its oldest used labels to highlight are Tsunami, Warm up, Hardgroove, Meta, R&S, Blueprint among others, supporting and consuming music from more current labels and friends such as BSC Records, Hardtools, Ottar, Inducted waves, Mord or Genesa in the more industrial variant.
Linked to the underground scene in the southern area of ​​Madrid, he participates in multiple events with artists from his city in disciplines such as Techno, Hard Techno and other more experimental profiles, and it is common to find him at different private parties, clubs, gatherings, social events and collaborations for radio stations in your area, or on the Internet, spaces such as studios or stores where you collaborate in DJ set format on different online channels.
In past times, he also develops his skills in styles such as Deep Techno, Deep House or Tech House in Nightclubs in his area where for some time, he acquires a monthly residency or is eventually hired but always and as a rule, using those tracks in his suitcase. with a more Groovera trend away from the commercial.

From 2006 to the present, he delves into the musical study of percussion, music theory, audio chain, technique and production, attending different courses organized by art and culture associations in Madrid. He applies this new knowledge in works and productions that never see the light of day, but he does show it in his work as a DJ when mixing.
Starting in 2010, he investigated more automated reproduction methods such as controllers and digital mixing systems, as well as the different most current software, or systems such as time code vinyl, and began to make his own chains of parties such as the ‘ `ANALOG´´o are now the S.A.P Techno club, and some other associated projects that lasted less time.
To date and for some time now, their sets have always incorporated a third deck, with vinyl being their preferred format to give it a little more dynamism and go even deeper into the control of the beat and the art of mixing, without losing that groove tendency that characterizes him.

01 – False Intentions of Disinterest (Bass Cvlt Remix). Eafhm
02 – Abandon (Original Mix) (feat. Crispy & Teoss)
03 – Cirkle oblate spheroid. Cirkle
04 – Orage (Border One remix)
05 – Anxietic. Piotr Figiel
06 – Cancel (Original Mix). Mossed
07 – Aural (Original Mix). Laura Lane
08 – Cut Loose. HITAM / YANT
09 – HT088 Signs of guilt (Original_Mix). Conscious sedation
10 – Fobos (Original Mix). Isgang
11 – IW019 Appendix (Original_Mix). C-System
12 – EVO.06. CRAVO
13 – Do Not Revenge (Original Mix). Jane Oak
14 – Plasma Oscillations (Original mix). Exium
15 – Amoe Queloque (Original Mix). Juan Trujillo
16 – IW018 Deprogrammed Voice (Original Mix).
17 – Siesta Before Siesta. CRAVO
18 – Retrogrado (Original Mix). The Fabric Of Reality
19 – Seraphin (Original Mix). Lars Huismann
20 – Serpiente (Original Mix). Sofi Lucius
21 – Context EP Lead You Nowhere. Temudo
22 – Deserve It. Temudo
23 – Unite. Skov Bowden
24 – Wait For Us (Original Mix).Groof
25- IW019 Failed Lineage (Original Mix). C-System
26 – Emergence Eleven Untitled. Reeko
27 – IW019 Definition (Original Mix). C-System


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