Raw Intention [LPR030] by Ladaeg





Ladaeg, Italian artist debuts on Loopaina Records with an album of 6 tracks, an intro and 5 tracks full of strength, rawness, and forcefulness.

Raw Intention is a 6 track album built from overriding rhythms and compact themes.

1: The intro Preludio Incerto with this synthesizer that opens up and leaves room for the imagination.

2: Breaking Point is a compact track with very incisive and magmatic low ends, where random lasers start.

3: Colluttazione focuses on a harsh rhythm and a thunderous sub-bass, it engages you and takes you on its morbid journey.

4: Antitesi is an unusual track, which hypnotizes with its polyrhythm, changes minute by minute and is a continuous surprise.

5: Taiga Wind is dominated by the synth on Fm and the deep bass that drags you into them. In addition to making the track more fluid and ‘breezy’ there are these sweet but at the same time icy textures.

6: Modus Operandi is built on polyrhythms and sandy textures. The track is wooded but at the same time rugged and overwhelming, it crescendo until the end.

Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): Ladaeg
Album/Single: Raw Intention
Track(s): Preludio Incerto, Breaking Point, Colluttazione, Taiga Wind, Modus Operandi & Antitesi.
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR030
Release Date:
October 6, 2023 Exclusive on Bandcamp.
October 13, 2023 All platforms.

MASTERED BY: Analog Hub Studio / www.analog-hub.com
Cover Art by Loopaina Records
Designer: Jorge del Rio
Photo take in Lumsden, New Zealand by Jorge del Rio

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