LPR-P060 by Nitromi Galien

Nitromi Galien is an alien woman artist who loves deep hypnotic techno, extraordinary cosmic soundscapes and atmospheric electronic music. She was born in Slovakia, a little country in the middle of Europe.
Nitromi started with techno production and experienced her first collabo success on Planet Rhythm in 2021. The same year she performed with her hypnotic set at Boiler Room Open Dancefloors Bratislava.
With her „out of this world“ stories she wants to fascinate and blow the minds, she wants to heal and make everybody feel The Magic.
Last year in 2022, Nitromi has started her new future music project On The Mission. She believes to create more recognition for her beloved hypnotic family and support other artists and alien beings across the planet of Earth.




1. M.Philips – First Contact
2. Nikolas Magno – Mental Annihilation
3. P4PS – Futuro
4. Elias Garcia – Synapsese
5. Error Channel – Quantum Spectrum
6. Pulso – Saying 5
7. Translate, Pulso – Specific Angles
8. Justine Perry – Neptune
9. David Reina – It Pours Light
10. LachrymaL – Haci
11. Fleep – What Happen With The Walls
12. Allpa Puruma – Cuentas Claras
13. Jeff Mills – Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)
14. Hugo Rolan – Futuro Aleatorio
15. R/D/V – Amphora
16. Mwamwa – Tramira /Unreleased/
17. Federico Cesio – Triptomania 3
18. M.Philips – Ominous
19. Hugo Rolan – Ataque Neutral
20. Hanton – Astral Travel
21. Ken Ishii, Jeff Mills – Quantum Teleportation

Music artist Links:

WEB: nitromigalien.wixsite.com/musicartist
LT: linktr.ee/nitromigalien
RA: ra.co/dj/nitromigalien
SC: @nitromigalien
IG: instagram.com/nitromi.galien
FB: facebook.com/nitromi.galien
YT: youtube.com/@onthemissionsound

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