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Friday 2th September, 2022. Available on all streaming plataforms (SoundCloud, YouTube & Amazon Music)

Neiland is an artist from Barcelona.
He begins his career in the “early 2000s” under the obsession of a rhythm and a philosophy of life: UR003 Final Frontier

Since 2001 he has performed in the most aberrant clubs in the city as well as in the most avant-garde clubs. He is the creator of the new promoter of open air events “Alternatif” “Astra Space Travel” and the record label “Nada Records”. He recently publishes under two new akas: Mäla Prãxis for iDM and Bøards Øf Barna, original works in influence and tribute to Boards of Canada.

Neiland has produced on the labels Subsist Records, Combine Audio Unterwelt and has made an EP for his own label NADA RECORDS, with a remix by Stanislav Tolkachev.
Upcoming releases signed on Semantica Records and nada records, vinyl.

Neiland has his own mixing and mastering studio “MiXMA STUDiOS” where he works for different artists in the country or has worked in mixing or mastering for “Ryūichi Sakamoto”, “La Fura dels Baus”, “El Nino de Elche”, Marc Piñol, Sistema, Linear System, Pablo Bolivar, Eduardo de la calle, Eric Fetcher, Undo, Professor Angel Dust… among many others.

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