Today we have the pleasure of sharing a few words with the Spanish producer Diego Lavida

Jorge: Hi Diego, we are facing your next release that you publish with the Loopaina Records label, a 3-track EP that will not leave anyone indifferent. What are you trying to convey with this album?

Diego: I try to transmit all that depth and atmosphere that only dark techno through so many layers can give you.

Jorge: Which of the tracks is your favourite?

Diego: My favorite track is Massive, that’s why my ep is called that. It has a rawness that is not easy to forget hehe

Jorge: It is the tenth EP that the Loopaina Records label releases, what do you think of this label that is working hard and eager?

Diego: I think and I am totally sincere that loopaina Records are amazing, both for how you work things and for the treatment you give to those of us who work with you!

Jorge: And to finish this little talk, we would like to know what your next projects are and where we can see you?

Diego: well, I have some ep and some tracks out there in the air that will soon see the light hehe And act, you can see this Saturday at dawn in the city of wine (Valdepeñas).

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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