Podcast 052 / MICA ROCANDIO

Mica Rocandio born in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires.
At the age of 13, he began to internalize himself in the world of electronic music, beginning at an early age to tour several recognized clubs in Argentina.
Her passion for music led her to discover several genres, discovering each of them and awakening her interest in CDJ mixing and production.
His musical selection is characterized by dark and enveloping sounds to create an energetic and unique atmosphere.


Analog Hub Studio  www.analog-hub.com




Mental Clarity- Matthiew Benjamín
Power distance- Mike Storm
Ura- Pyramidal Decode
Split Apart- Lakej
Slow Formation- Pyramidal Decode
John the Dentist- A Thousand Details
Unexpected Result- PWCCA
Rotating Glass- Michel Lauriola
Inwards- Lewis Fautzi
Kastra- Angelo Stasi
Killing Vector- Kessell
Road- Kolpos
Noches de Menta- Oscar Mulero
Malandra- Kolpos
Winter- Kolpos
Espectro Rojo- Oscar Mulero
Least At Last- Lewis Fautzi
Physical Shaping- Pyramidal Decode
Modo Ondulatorio- Pyramidal Decode
Nictiating Membrane- Dimi Angelis
The Beginning- Mica Rocandio
Sleeparchive- Frost

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