Analog Rain [LPR027] by Javi Lago

Analog Rain is the first Javi Lago EP to be released on Loopaina Records, two original tracks: Analog Rain & Vapor Ray, full of forceful rhythms and perfect atmospheres, this time including remixes of each of the tracks made by the artists Eric Sän & Isgang.




Hd Substance: “proper techno here”
Orde Meikle: “Thanx”
Gram Negative: “Analog Rain for me! Thanks”
Takaaki Itoh: “Vapor Ray is for me”
Dan Indicator: “Analog Rain for sure. Nice.”
R/D/V: “Very well-crafted tunes, both originals do the job for me in this one! Thanks a lot for sharing :)”
Dave Miller: “Thanks, some great bangers inside!”
A Thousand Details: “Fire! Nice to see Javi again! Isgang remix is fire! Cheers!”
Angel Molina: “Will try both original tracks, useful dark techno works, very into the Christian Wünsch’s Black Sun LP sound. Thanks.”
Erik Pijl: “Great EP, thanks, will play this!!”
Drucal: “Excelent”
Techno Cartel: “Isgang on top like always!”
Dexon: “Support!”
Dejan (SE): “Vapor Ray (Original Mix) for me , full support <3”
_asstnt: “Vapor Ray for me, thanks! :)”
Azogiař: “Great sounds here!! thx”
secret cinema: “Analog rain is great!”
Joachim Spieth: “2”
Sade Rush: “Thanks for the music!:)”
Hannah Addams: “Thank you for sendiiing”
Robert Hoff: “Vapor Ray for me. Thanks”
LENNY (MT): “Javi never fails, great remix too!”
Toni Dextor: “nice pack! #thx”
SLV: “full support!”
XHEI: “Grandes canciones ! Full Support amigos!”
Fragmentor: “Thank you!”
Matt Saderlan: “very nice, thanks !”
Vegim: “Vapor Ray is my pick. Thanks”
Gonzalo MD: “nice!”
Petar Lazovic: “10”
Juho Kusti: “Thanks!”
LachrymaL: “Gran release, techno en estado puro. “Vapor Ray” (Isgang Remix) es mi favorito. Muchas gracias por la música.”
Nhitto: “Great wook!
Vincent de Wit: “proper techno tracks”
Romain Richard: “Very Strong EP ! My fav is Isgang remix ! Thanks!”
Axel Karakasis: “great, thanks for the music!!”
Aöcram: “Vapor Ray original and remix, both for me! Really nice release as usual from Loopaina”
Paula Cazenave: “Nice tracks and remixes, will play sure. thanks.”
SdØRm: “Great job and good remixes, thanks Loopaina!”
Roi: “Great pack!!!”
Filip Xavi: “good stuff!”


Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): Javi Lago
Remixer(s): Eric Sän & Isgang
Album/Single: Analog Rain
Track(s): Analog Rain & Vapor Ray, Analog Rain (Eric Sän Remix) & Vapor Ray (Isgang Remix)
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR027
Release Date: June 9th 2023

Mastered by: Sintetics Studios (

Cover Art by Loopaina Records
Designer: Jorge del Rio
Photo take in Sa Pa, Vietnam by Jorge del Rio

PROMO BY TRIPLE VISION Records Distribution

3% of the Loopaina Records` benefits will be destined to children autism NGOs

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