Podcast 046 / MÄEM



Miguel Amador Medina known as MÄEM is a young promise of techno, born in Ciudad Real but located in the Spanish capital. This artist discovered his passion for electronics very early, from the beginning he knew that techno was his genre. His sets are characterized by providing a forceful line of techno with experimental, rough, dynamic and mental sounds and textures and thus being able to carry out an ever-ascending performance, which makes them a musical journey. Selector and executor in the combination of the most current and old sound which makes everything make sense in your mixes. Currently MÄEM belongs to the 100×100 techno collective. Developing his role as promoter and resident contributing his vision and knowledge of the scene. His performances are shared with big names on the national and international scene such as: Regis, Function, James Ruskin, Mark Broom, Kwartz, Roll Dann, Audiolux and Lowsystem among others…
We must continue and pay attention to this artist in the near future as he has a great future, aspirations and projects in mind.

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