Podcast 030 / YOCKLEY / Loopaina Records

While England is no stranger to exporting techno talent, Yockley has managed to navigate a vein of his own in an oversaturated scene and a chaotic world. The Manchester-based artist is “raw” in every sense of the word: fresh and uncontaminated by filler.
Originally from the wooded town of Heatherside, it’s evident Yockley was heavily influenced by the nature which surrounded him during his formative years. Incorporating field recordings in his productions, this connection is transmitted to listeners in a hypnotic reproduction that almost feels too natural.

Digging around Eastern Bloc record store in Manchester, with its obscure releases, helped provide directional insight. This, along with the influence of other motivated artists in his local scene has clearly shaped the intoxicatingly distinct sound you’ll hear from him today.

Yockley has a fire lit under him, driven by an intrinsic passion for the incredible power music has over us. To really “make it”, sacrifices must be made, and that’s exactly what he’s done. Quitting his job to move to Manchester, going to many gigs alone – the journey can sometimes be scary but it’s more than paid off for the unstoppable artist. Evidenced in his debut EP with German label, Sunora Recordings, there’s a phenomenal dichotomy here of using machines to create music so obviously influenced by nature and the expanses of the human mind. His reach is worldwide thanks to his honest productions. Pair that with his ‘Techno on Acid’ radio series hosted by the legendary Ibiza Club News Radio, various guest mixes by the likes of the Deepicnic and other well-respected platforms, and it will only grow larger from here.





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