Today we are going to Barcelona to share a talk with the producer and deejay Ludo. He will tell us a bit about his next work, “Linea circular”, a four-track EP that will surely have a good effect on the dance floors.
It will be our 14 release and will be available on Wednesday 2nd November on all platforms.
PRE-ORDER on Bandcamp.

Jorge LPR: Hi Ludo, this is your new release on Loopaina Records, “Línea circular”. We would like to know a little about him, what do you want to convey with this 4-track EP?

Ludo: The EP is inspired by the times of crisis we are currently experiencing: we have an energy crisis, another political and social crisis, especially with the rise of the extreme right in Europe, the war in Ukraine… These are very complicated times and I think that as a society we are too tolerant with problems that harm us completely. As a society we must wake up, and I have channeled all this in this work.

Jorge LPR: Personally, of the entire EP, the track that I like the most is “Incertidumbre en el espacio y tiempo”, for you, which one would you choose as your favorite? Why?

Ludo: Well, I agree with you, it’s also the one I like the most. It is difficult to tell you a reason, but it is the one with which I am most satisfied.

Jorge LPR: It’s your first EP that we released on Loopaina Records, what do you think of how we’re doing things?

Ludo: First of all I want to thank you for the trust you have had in me from the first moment.

Having said that, it seems to me that being a new label you are releasing a lot of work and of a lot of quality, so it’s a pride to be there too.

Jorge LPR: a blunt question, where does Ludo feel more comfortable? In the studio or in the booth?

Ludo: It’s a difficult question. After a few years combining both, at the moment I cannot conceive of the studio without the cabin and vice versa. I really enjoy both fields, and I am always in constant research and evolution in both fields.

Jorge LPR: Regarding the current scene, what is your focus and what do you think Ludo can bring to the dance floor?

Ludo: As far as Techno is concerned, I think that as has always happened, there is a very interesting underground scene that unfortunately is not shown in the city’s clubs on a regular basis. I like to vindicate, and that is palpable in my sessions, the Techno of the late 90s and early 2000s, which is what I soaked up the most. Now there are very good producers who follow this path, evolving that Techno, and that is what I bring to the dance floor, very forceful and energetic sessions.

Jorge LPR: What are your next releases? Projects in mind… Dates?

Ludo: At the moment I’m starting to look for new sounds to start working on new songs, so at the moment there is nothing in sight. As for dates, I have a monthly event at Bar 18, a venue in the Gothic quarter where very good proposals are heard. The event is called A Taste Of Techno and it is the first Thursday of every month.

Jorge LPR: To finish, we want to thank you for your work, and we wish you success in your career and health.

Ludo: Thank you very much, I wish you the same!

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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