Podcast 026 / XXiF / Loopaina Records





X X i F ( .OiDZ | le.eq | eqpe )
Introducing the dj and live stage performer artist name –
” x X i f “, Originally based on his opposite former dj
named ” f i X x ” from – itchibanz turntablizt under Equal
jpn and the founder of infamous underground techno
organization ‘ . O i D Z ‘
He start djing with the influences of Old School,
Electronic Music and Alternative New Wave like Herbie
Hancock, New Order, Kraftwerk,etc..
Regarding his background, he found deep interest on
spinning and scratching vynils then brought him to
many dj shows and dj competitions like DMC World
He competed Japan’s biggest dj competition and
became the first foreign champion in Japan certified by
Vestax Corporation.
With all this accomplishments, his name was exposed
and had encountered to play at many big venues,
touring around japan, performing at live events and
several radio shows.
At late 90’s, He elevated his creative idea encountering
the difference of Analog vs Digital collaboration that
switched him up into producing sound, technical
breakbeats and performing live effects with some
famous experimental techno artist from Beatink and
Warp Records.

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