Today we have the pleasure of sharing a few words with the Spanish producer Juan Campos.

Today we travel to Jaén, a city in Andalucía located in the south of Spain.
We are pleased to share a few words with the producer and deejay Juan Campos, who will tell us a little about his latest work for Loopaina Records, which will be our twelfth release, and will be available on Wednesday, October 5 on all platforms.

Hi Juan, we are facing your new work that will be released by Loopaina Records next October 5, a four-track EP that of course we have been very impressed and satisfied with by the entire Loopaina Records team.
We want to thank you for this amazing work, and we would like to know a little more about this new EP.

Jorge: What are you trying to convey with “Ghost on Tape”?

Juan Campos: Hi guys, first of all thank you for giving me a space in your programming.
Ghost on Tape is an ep marked by two different trends.
On the one hand, there is a layout more focused on the track due to its forcefulness and cadence.
And on the other a little deeper and mental.

Jorge: Your track “Devtion” is having a great response, where we have received many downloads and very good feedback. I personally like all the tracks, but for you, which would be your favorite?

Juan Campos: If I have to choose a favorite, I would go with Devtion, since I had a lot of fun doing it using some new technique that I have learned in the last few months.

Jorge: The truth is that it is a pleasure to have you in our family from the beginning, and we are delighted that you are so active in our project.
As you know, we have created a Booking of artists where we want to share our sounds wherever they are, as a member of the Booking, we would like to know your approach to this new project.

Juan Campos: the pleasure is mine to be part of this family.
My vision is to continue working as usual and give 100% in everything I do to continue growing, and to make those around me grow.

Jorge: Commenting a bit about us, Loopaina Records, we would like to know a little bit about what you think about how we are doing things.

Juan Campos: From the first moment Loopaina has made it clear that he is serious, taking care of the smallest detail without overlooking anything, making us artists feel valued.

Jorge: Speaking a bit about you, what are your next releases?

Juan Campos: Several tracks are about to come out this fall on several international labels that you can see on my different channels.

Jorge: Do you have an upcoming date where we can see you?

Juan Campos: At the moment there are no performances in sight, so we will concentrate our efforts on continuing to produce and contribute to the scene in this way.

Jorge: To say goodbye we would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Loopaina Records team for your work, and we wish you success in your next projects.

Juan Campos: Thank you for having me for your project, and I hope you have a great reception in the electronic scene

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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