Obseth – Upside down [LPR015]

With this album I try not to focus solely on the dance floor and I have tried to design an EP that can be more listening oriented, being able to focus more on sound and ambient design and delve into that more mental techno.
In the first 3 tracks of the album I have worked in a similar way, starting in all of them with the ambient part and playing with the different textures and drones that appear throughout the song and envelop you while you listen to it. From then on it’s flowing in the studio and focusing on the sound design, looking for those metallic sounds and sequences that even though they sound in a loop you don’t get tired throughout the song.
To close the EP we have ”Less is More”, a very simple track but in this case it is more of a dance floor and from my point of view it closes this 4-track album very well.





Augusto Taito: Thanks, good album overall!
Vlaeminck: Great release.
DSNGDMANN: Una vez más, Loopaina no decepciona. Me encanta el groove de “Routine (Original Mix)”.
Drucal: Great, thanks.
Vibrations of Gravity: Suena bien!!
A Thousand Details: Lovely stuff, cheers!
Oliver Rosemann: #3 and #4 for me 🙂 thank you.
LachrymaL: Muy buena release, puro techno. “Routine” es mi favorito, gracias!
Ludo: Fan de Loopaina!
Paula Cazenave: Nice tracks, will play sure.



Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): Obseth
Remixer(s): N/A
Album/Single: Upside Down
Track(s): Upside Down, Invisible Hope, Less is More, Routine
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR015
Release Date: November 16th 2022

Mastered by Loopaina Records

Art by Loopaina Records
Designer: Ignacio Cuellar

3% of the Loopaina Record’s benefits will be destined to children autism NGOs

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