Today we go to La Coruña to share a talk with the producer and deejay Obseth.
He will tell us a bit about his next work, “Upside down”, a four-track EP that has received very good feedback from people on the scene.
It will be our 15th release and will be available on Wednesday 16th November on all platforms.
PRE-ORDER on Bandcamp.

Jorge: Hi Obseth, this is your new release on Loopaina Records, “Upside down”. We would like to know a little about him, what do you want to convey with this 4-track EP?

Obseth: Hi guys, nice to speak with you! With this work I wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit, I think that behind this album, unlike other works that I have published lately and that are more focused on the track as ”tools” for the dj, we can hear a more eclectic techno from my point of view. The truth is that these types of more mental EPs allow me to work on that darker side of techno and work with different textures, drones, atmospheres… something that I also really enjoy in the studio.

Jorge: Of all the EP, the track that I personally like the most is the one that bears the name of the EP: “Upside down”, for you, which one would you choose as your favorite? Why?

Obseth: Surely I would also stay with “Upside Down”, it is a track that I finished in a single day in the studio and from the first moment I liked it a lot. I think the atmospheres and drones that come in and out throughout the song are what take it to a higher level. Another song that I also quite like is ”Less is More”, a track that, as the name says, is very simple and made with few elements but it works very well on the track.

Jorge: It’s your first EP that we released on Loopaina Records, what do you think of how we’re doing things?

Obseth: It seems to me that you are doing things very well and it is appreciated to work with record companies that work seriously and value the work of the artists. For me it is very important to collaborate with labels that share a vision like mine regarding techno and without a doubt you do.

Jorge: We know your career as a producer but we can also see you in the booth, where does Obseth feel more comfortable? In the studio or in the booth?

Obseth: For me they are two completely different worlds and in which I enjoy the most. Production is an impressive escape route in which you can express all your creativity and your vision of techno, as well as being very satisfying when you see that references such as Ben Sims, DVS1, Setaoc Mas… are supporting your work and it is something that only makes you want to keep working hard. As for the DJ side, I love that connection that is generated with the public when they are enjoying themselves and dancing on the dance floor, for those of us who are passionate about techno it is a very big adrenaline rush. Personally, in my sets I love to combine new tracks with themes from the 90’s and early 00’s, that mix between this new ”groovy” wave that artists like Pushmann, Cravo or Alarico have generated along with classics always works very well between the public and it is something that I really enjoy.

Jorge: It already seems that we left behind those pandemic times, where somehow everything stopped, what were you able to take advantage of in this time? Was there any kind of change in your way of expressing music?

Obseth: Absolutely. It was a time when having so much time in the studio you seek to go further in your music and try to explore new production methods and techniques, new styles… etc. For example, from that time I have an album composed entirely of environmental themes, who knows if one day it will come out!

Jorge: What are your next releases? Projects in mind… Dates?

Obseth: Well, before the end of the year I’m going to release a 9-song LP that will be my longest work to date, a series of tracks with a lot of groove that I think can work quite well. Looking ahead to 2023, I am especially excited about a work that is going to be released on vinyl on a label that is a benchmark for me and about which there will soon be new news.

Jorge: To finish, we want to thank you for your work, and we wish you success in your career and health.

Obseth: Thanks to you, I hope you continue like this because with the effort you dedicate to it, very good things will come in the future.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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