V​.​A. Vol. 2 [LPR026] by Loopaina Records



Isgang: “Great V.A!! My favorite “Space Key” – Eric Sän”
Avox25: “Difficult choice, the truth is that they are all very good… I’m going to download the full VVAA!!
Vibrations of Gravity: “Full full!”
Kaiser: “thanks!”
DORHG: “Great V.A Thanks for the promo”
VERUAH: “Amazing work by all the artists. Full support!”
Bluenose: “Very good tracks…”
Richie Hawtin (Minus): “downloaded for r hawtin”
Justine Perry: “Thanks, nice V.A”
Ison / Actor One: “Strong compilation here. Daruma, Panic Room, Space Key and Bubbles are my fave ones”
Mossed: “Tremendous VA!!!!”
WAM (We Are Music)
Orion / Juska Wendland: “Tymanus is funky!”
Matt Altman: “Incredible VA. “Daruma” is an absolute BOMB though. Thanks for sending!”
Albert Salvatierra: “A pleasure to be part of this VA!”
Tucca Premiere: “Full Support!”
Berlintechnomilitia: “Sounds Good!!!! My fauvorites: NECTAR EXPERIENCE – Deep textures LacrymaL – Zebes Eric Sän – Space key”
Romain Richard: “My fav here is Lachrymal and Allpa Puruma tracks. Thanks!!”
Eric Sän: “Nice VA”
Claudio / Elart Records: “Very big release! Congratz!!!”
HPAUL: “full support”
Carlos Andana: “In general good volume, for me to highlight the Daruma theme, very good, encourages to be mixed and danced”
Fiama Molina: “Excellent work. Thank you”
Juan Campos: “Thanks for sharing”
Gram Negative: “Great release. Panic room is my pick. Thanks”
Filipo Xavi: “daruma for me!”
Erik Pijl: “Great track, thanks, will play this!!”
BMSK: “nice thanks”
D/n Spazio Magnetico: “For me Eric Sän – Space Key (Original Mix) and Javi Lago – Panic Room (Original Mix), great tracks, tks
Josefina Muñoz: “Excellent v.a, I’m going to try several! Thank you very much”
DAFR: “Nice Various… in love with ZEBES and CUENTAS CLARAS. Thank! you!!!”
Paula Cazenave: “Great VA, will play sure. Thanks!”
Plague: “Panic room and bubbles for me. Thanks”
Marbic: “Great Pack!”
DJ Steven / Stevo Kurt: “wow. very strong comp”
Hannah Addams: “thaknks”
TM (PT): “Super strong VA! Thanks”
Joton: “Total Support ! thank you”
A Thousand Details: “Some dope tracks here gang! Lovely release, thanks a lot!”
dvs1: “THanks.”
Wlderz: “Thanx”
Immaterial.Archives: “Zebes is pretty weird . Love it <3 thx”
SAMA: “Ley de Ohm is nice and heavy. Thanks!”
Elektrabel: “A very good compilation”
Drucal: “Fantastic release”
Sebastian Bayne: “some cool tracks here thanks”
ИAИO: “Great release, thanks!”
LUĐØ: “Great tracks!!”
Matt Sanderlan: “very nice! thanks a lot, will play 4 sure”
Polen: “🔥🔥🔥 hermoso EP”
Niall Comiskey: “so so good, every track is killer”
Juan Trujillo: “great one.. will try for sure. thanks”


Second release of Loopaina Records in V.A format.
10 tracks from different international producers:

Albert Salvatierra
Allpa Puruma
Eric Sän
Javi Lago
Somar Sevleuh

Label: Loopaina Records
Album/Single: V.A. Vol.2
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR026
Release Date: May 3th 2023

Mastered by Loopaina Records

Cover Art by Loopaina Records
Designer: Jorge del Rio
Photos taken in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur by Jorge del Río

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