Rituals [LPR020] by DAS

Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): DAS
Remixer(s): Javi Lago
Album/Single: Rituals
Track(s): Disyuntivas, Foreground, Ritual & Foreground (Javi Lago Remix)
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR020
Release Date: January 25th 2023

Mastered by Loopaina Records

Cover Art: isgN Art Desing

3% of the Loopaina Record’s benefits will be destined to children autism NGOs

<< Diego Azambuja Siehe aka DAS was born in Brazil (Porto Alegre) and grew up in Argentina (Buenos Aires). He began his musical career in 2018, as a DJ and producer of electronic music. Founder of Unterwelt Records and owner of Dissolved Mind Records. >>





Juan Campos: Gracias por compartir
Cristian Varela: Excellent!
Paula Cazenave: Nice tracks, will play sure.
LUĐØ: Hypnotic and cerebral, very good
Drucal: great ep!!
S3GMA: tremendous EP
Twelve Seven: deep & driving, solid ep!
DSNGDMANN: Massive Techno!! Foreground my favorite.
Rutechno: Very complete and forceful album
A Thousand Details: Cool stuff!
Downside: Cool groves! Foreground and the remix will get played! Thanks.



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