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Born and raised in Girona into a family of musicians; KTR303 is an Artist based in Barcelona. He growed up surrounded by audio gear, he has been spending his whole free time in his father’s studio; to the point of learning by himself how to be a DJ and at the same time use his own live set.

In his early 18’s he moved into London for almost 2 years; where he finally find out his original sound. KTR303 wants to bring u to a trip through those historical underground sounds from the underground scene.

Influenced by London Acid Techno movement and the Berlin atmosphere; KTR303 brings u 100% of his energy in every single DJ Set, with a nonstop of sexy and dirty hard sounds that makes ur body feel free and sweaty.

KTR303 loves sound design, so he walks away from making techno music into crafting new experimental sounds with all his live set . He also studies audiovisuals systems engineering in Barcelona.

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