Podcast 055 / ShhGrr – Modular Live Set

ShhGrr, musician, producer and DJ characterized by his live performances, is distinguished by being an artist with an aura of discretion and mystery in the current techno scene. The spectrum covered by his work operates with heterogeneous nuances in industrial, abstract and experimental soundscapes. His priorities are production and live performances, where he can display all of his creativity with an emphasis on improvised sequenced parts. He has released on labels such as Kriminal Rekordz, Inducted Waves, Solemne Records, Metaphor records, Blackwater, Ottar, B55 Records, Hardtools Records, Logical Methods, and AESIR. Founder of Blackstars Corporation label, he combines the agenda of this project -with more than one hundred published references- with his collaboration in the programming of the events of S.A.P Techno Club, where other quality artists participate.

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