Podcast 036 / MARBOC

Marcin Bociański aka Marboc plays an important role in tricity techno scene. The owner of an impressive vinyl collection has recently become a lecturer at Instytut Dźwięku school based in Gdańsk. Over 15 years of experience has brought him to a long-awaited place of sounds where fast, rhythmic drums connect with a subtle background and engaging, industrial bassline. Throughout the years, his productions has been released by labels such as DRVMS LTD., Rhod Records or Coded Platform. It doesn’t matter which slot he gets – Marcin can adjust to the atmosphere of the party by serving either hypnotic warm-up or ruthless closing.





1 Dialog – Side B
2 Mathys Lenne – Love for 10.000 Years
3 Exium Dark Voids
4 Muzmin – S-101
5 Slight Function – Pulswellen
6 Axel Karakasis – In The Queue
7 Axel Karakasis – Distinct
8 Mathys Lenne – Reckon
9 Kike Pravda Rotational
10 Klint Sauvage
12 Procombo Hopeless Romantic
13 Desroi Hiccups Will Stop If You Choke Me
14 Arkan – Interface
15 Kaiser (K S R) feat. Matrixxman – Distress Signal
16 Dax J – Tripin
17 Kimono – Instructions (Tim Xavier Remix)

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