Podcast 029 / DOWNSIDE / Loopaina Records

Fuse resident DJ and techno producer Downside is rapidly making a name for himself in the techno scene.
He is no newcomer to the Brussels underground, putting out music and organizing parties for more than a
For some historical context, Downside is a Brussels native with Bulgarian roots. Since 2007, he was already
out, raving and playing at parties. On his days off, you could find him delving into audio engineering,
obsessing over kick drums, compressors, recreating his favourite tracks from scratch. He kept at this for
years, and then started organizing his own events in Congres Station of Brussels, and saw some of his
original tracks released on German labels. His consistent output and activity led him into the Fuse Club’s
family, first as an audio engineer, then as a resident DJ, which puts him right at the heart of the future
direction of techno.
In his own sets, Downside combines deep techno and dub timbres with warmth and melody, but with a
precise, underground vibe. You’ll hear his own tracks, blended with exactly what the audience needs, a skill
perfected by deep experience as a DJ and sound engineer in Belgium’s most legendary club.
Those in the know would be wise to keep an eye on Downside.





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