LPR-P070 By Vegim

[Loopaina Records Techno Series]

Vegim Hashimi, known professionally as Vegim, is a techno producer, dj and label owner from Pristina, Kosovo. From a young age, he was drawn to the sounds of electronic music and had already begun his professional music career 25 years ago. Vegim quickly established himself as a talented and innovative performer. Over the years, Vegim has released countless tracks and EPs on many of the world’s top techno labels, including: Clergy, Planet Rhythm, TMM Records. His music is characterized by its driving, percussive rhythms, futuristic soundscapes, and relentless hypnotized energy. Throughout his career, Vegim has also been an outspoken advocate for Techno music in his home country of Kosovo. Today, Vegim is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and innovative techno producers, and his influence on the global techno scene is undeniable and there is no doubt that he will continue to push the boundaries for years to come.

Wrong Assessment – Bounce
Mesh Convergence – Glimmering
P.A.ǝ.Z – Time & Space
P.A.ǝ.Z – Light years 
Phara – You Bark I Bite 
Casual Treatment – Mystic River 
TWR72 – Shake 
Mesh Convergence – Fleeting Visions 
Oliver Rosemann – Battle Scars 
PTTRNRCRRNT – Wave III (Julieta Kopp Remix) 
Hardcell – Nylon 
YS – Ohm’s law 
Hardcell – Echoism 
P.A.ǝ.Z – Infinite
Filip Xavi – Hydra
Endlec – Restoration 
Endlec – Ultra Reality 
Augusto Taito – Interdimentional Deja Vu (Dave Wincent Remix)
Linear Phase – Biased Perception
Jamie Bissmire – The Fundamentals of Time 
Elias Garcia – Heliophysics 

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