LPR-P062 By Macnius

MACNIUS is a renowned artist of abstract and experimental sound in the field of techno in the coffee region of Colombia. Born and based in Manizales, he has more than 10 years of experience in the Colombian electronic music industry. Together with his partner Juan Pablo Campuzano, he is co-founder of Seis Records, a prominent music platform.
His extensive career and his charisma when interacting with the public have led him to have residencies and presentations in representative clubs in the region, such as Kowel Club, Seis Bar, Living Club, Loop Club and Garden Underground Club, among others. In addition, he has participated in festivals such as Nuits Sonores Colombia on two occasions, PCT RAVE, FREEDOM in Jardín Botánico in 2021 and Plaza Mayor in 2023.
MACNIUS has shared the stage with renowned international artists thanks to its outstanding mixing technique and extensive experience. Some of these artists include Oscar Mulero, DVS1, Luke Slater, Zadig, Polar Inertia, Reeko, Takaaki Itoh, Lewis Fautzi, Alexander Kowalsky, Neel, Lucy, Amotik, Function, Developer, Speedy J, among others. He has had the honor of sharing a booth with artists such as Sigha, Peter Van Hoesen and Shxcxchcxsh.
Soon he will be showing his Album and the participation of a VA for Six Records.



Track list:
1. Portrait – Untitled 2 (Aura Dinámica )
2. Portrait – Untitled 3 ( Aura Dinámica )
3. Svarog – Dubwise ( Gabriel DOr & Bordoy Remix )
4. Kike Pravda – Singularity
5. Orbe – Planck Time
6. PWCCA – Escape From Confinement
7. Érica Fetcher – One Shot
8. Takaaki itoh – Prescription
9. Skebo – Perseverance
10. PWCCA – Tracking Failure
11. Linear System – Storage Ring
13. Leiras – Seeua
14. Polar Sun – Init1 & Trismus
15. Mike Storm – Nuclear Reaction 

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