Emmy Betiol is an experienced artist from the south of Brazil who explores the deepest and darkest subgenres of Techno.
Dark, Atmosphere, Hypnotic and Industrial frequencies are some of the sound structures that are part of her repertoire.
Throughout her career she has been involved with the underground scene, disseminating ideas and contributing to the development of the electronic scene in her region.
Expressive and passionate about the Dark Atmosphere, her performances are marked by a strong presence, which allows you to feel the rhythms that represent her.




Group – 000703_1472
Vel – May It Rise Up Pure And Free
Bucle – Fraction
Lidvall – Animality
Johann Arty – Mod ll
Lindsey Herbert – Message from Beyond
BØHM – Negative Feedback
Jala – Sntndr
Gresil – Venues
A Thousand Details – Precise Victim
Viels, Pyramidal Decode – Entropia Variabile
Milo Raad – Turnover
Aquiles – Place to Be Rlin.
Drucal – Breathe
CRØG – Stc
Nørbak – Camera

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