KØLPØS – Manta [LPR005]




KØLPØS has been a producer and sound designer for many years.
This wizard of sounds with few references has managed to be in the spotlight of all techno lovers.

His first 2×12 album on the German label Nachtstrom Schallplatten, which left no one indifferent, is followed by a 12-inch release
For @concernsmusic and @granulartrecordings ( @kesselldj Label) called Hirise, He has also edit on Tsunami Records, label of the great @christian_wunsch .
His most recent vinyl was released at the end of December 2021 for the @ucker.records

He has shared nights with @oscarmulerooficial , @ryan.r.elliott , @fjaak , @stef_mendesidis , @dimiangelis .. to name a few.

soon awaits the Edit of him in @suaramusic and @loopainarecords

Artist: @kolposmusic
EP: Manta [LPR005]
Release date: 22-06-2022
Label: @loopainarecords

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