Today we travel to Valencia to share a talk with the producer and deejay NECTAR EXPERIENCE.
He will tell us a little about his next work “Tunnelbanelinje”, an EP made up of five tracks, implanting analog sounds, and with a great job behind it.
It will be our 17th release, and will be available on Wednesday, December 14 on all platforms.
PRE-ORDER on Bandcamp.

Jorge: Hi NECTAR EXPERIENCE, it’s a pleasure for us to have you on our label, and that we can edit your music.
This is your latest work, a five-track EP called “Tunnelbanelinje”.
We are curious about the choice of the names of your EP and tracks, could you explain what they are based on?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: Well, the truth is that the idea arose thanks to my time in Stockholm and all the experiences I had there.
The decision to call it “Tunnelbanelinje” (Metro line in Swedish) was because, after all, I used the metro a lot there to work, visit areas and, above all, to get to know the electronic music scene in the city.
The names of the tracks are metro stops, where I lived experiences that marked me and I enjoyed a lot.

Jorge: Amazing EP for me, what are you trying to convey with this album?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: Well… the name of the intro translated into Spanish is (Distortion of the senses due to lack of sleep) it describes well part of what I want to convey… wandering on the subway from one part of the city to another without having sleeping too much, wanting to discover and learn more places where electronic parties are held, all this capturing environments and textures with recording equipment both from the parties and from different environments and areas of Stockholm, inside the subway, outside… in clubs, boats .. in tunnels … .. All that set of experiences translated into energy that will later come out through your helmets or sound equipment haha hence the feeling that I wanted to convey with the Ep.

Jorge: Björkhagen (Original Mix) is my favorite track, I think it’s a bomb! For you, which would be your favorite?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: The truth is that in terms of a theme for the dance floor I think that Björkhagen is the most powerful and as you say it is a good bomb! But for me as a track both to dance and to listen to and that transports me to a curious moment of the trip, it is Exit turbulences (Original mix), I think it has some very interesting textures and a tribal beat that transmits an overflowing energy.

Jorge: Personally, I really like your way of producing and your sounds. Where does NECTAR EXPERIENCE get these unique sounds that we can hear in your productions?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: Well, the truth is that I don’t follow very strict rules when it comes to producing, I like to experiment too much and I can spend hours testing textures and sound elements when creating a track… yes, it depends on the style and At the moment, if I need to be practical, I do have a discipline to work because otherwise it can be endless ..
But the truth is that, for example, it helps me a lot to have my sound library captured with recording equipment, that gives me a lot of play and creativity to generate percussion and soundscapes that have my touch, and then the imagination and the need to transmit my state of encouragement or lived experience… they do the rest.

Jorge: Where do you feel most comfortable NECTAR EXPERIENCE? Studio or booth?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: I feel comfortable in both places, I think they are different sensations and both things give me satisfaction in their own way…
I love being quiet in the studio experimenting creating new sounds and rhythms. But I also love being in the booth transmitting all the energy possible to people…

Jorge: What are your next projects? Will we be able to see you in the booth soon?

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: At the moment I continue to produce and focus on hypnotic techno and on the other on IDM, a style with which I express myself completely freely and from which the name Nectar experience comes, which is actually linked to the fact that each EP is like an open book that transmits my lived experiences.
Yes, there is a project or other on the way, one of them related to field recordings in a very interesting country that I want to return and continue discovering, so I will be giving news about it soon, and there is something else out there, the truth is that with this of capturing sounds from what is happening around you, you can always generate a new and interesting project.
And regarding whether you will see me in the booth, I am sure that you will.

Jorge: To finish we want to thank you for your great work, we wish you success in your career and we hope to continue counting on your music.

NECTAR EXPERIENCE: Thank you very much also for counting on me and for the important work you do to make people listen to us, and be able to as much

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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