Today we have the pleasure of sharing a chat with the producer and deejay DORHG.
The Spanish artist is premiering on Loopaina Records, where his latest work will be released on all platforms next Wednesday the 30th, An EP made up of three tracks, which will surely not leave anyone indifferent.

Jorge: Hello DORHG, we are looking at your new work, “Tezcatlipoca”, an EP made up of 3 tracks that will be available on all platforms next Wednesday the 30th. We would like to know a little more about your last work. What inspired you when making Tezcatlipoca?

DORHG: Hello Jorge, I had been reading about Aztec mythology for a few days and when I sat down in the studio to start creating, I saw everything very clearly! I found it a fascinating idea with a perfect connection.

Jorge: I find it fascinating. As for the musicals from my point of view, the three tracks seem very good to me, personally I could choose Tláloc, it is the track that I like the most, for you, which would you choose as your favorite?

DORHG: I’m really happy with the result, but logically there are always preferences! In this case I prefer the track that gives its name to the EP “Tezcatlipoca”

Jorge: The name you have given to your EP is curious, could you explain to us what you based it on or what these peculiar names are due to?

DORHG: As I said before everything arose from Aztec mythology, the names of the tracks come from Nahua myths and legends, or rather creator gods.

Jorge: We know that you don’t stop at the studio, we would like to know what DORHG needs to be able to create, where do you find that inspiration that we can later see with your great works?

DORHG: Personally, I am inspired by the day to day, hence the state of mind and along with it culture, whether literary or cinematographic. But you know that there are more complicated moments to be able to create! This is not an exact science, there are times when you have all the creativity and you don’t have the time, and in other cases you have the time but not the creativity.

Jorge: You are right, that balance that one needs to be able to create, time is the key.
Regarding the creation of DORHG as an artist, is there any producer or movement that has been able to mark your path or style?

DORHG: Throughout the journey I have had many influences, from Techno Pop through EBM Industrial to the Detroit and Birmingham sound, all of this has given me knowledge and tastes to establish my roots, first as a DJ and now as a producer.

Jorge: When it comes to producing music, do you focus more on digital or do you use analogue?

DORHG: Today I work more in digital, but it is obvious that when I need analog resources I have them present.

Jorge: About the current scene, what is your point of view about current techno music and what could DORHG contribute as an artist?

DORHG: It is a question with many nuances, there is too much talent with little visibility, and today other external factors that are much less important than creativity have more weight. Personally, as an artist, I seek self-satisfaction and a desire to excel in what it represents for me. Techno, pure passion!
Having more bowling, more followers…fame, I don’t care about this.

Jorge: Studio or cabin?

DORHG: I’ve gone through different processes, I’ve been mixing much longer than creating music, but today I really enjoy being in the studio! They are two very different things.

Jorge: What are your next projects? Anywhere we can see DORHG perform?

DORHG: I am preparing an EP for a label that I have been following his work for a long time and that makes me especially excited. I am also preparing the 5th release of my label Atroc Records and some others that will be released very soon.

Jorge: To finish we would like to thank you for your work and we wish you much success in your career.
A hug.

DORHG: Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure to be able to contribute my work to this great project! I wish you long life.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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