Today we have the pleasure of sharing a little chat with the producer and deejay BILY.

Jorge: Hi BILY, first of all congratulations on your latest work that we released on Loopaina Records and with which we have been delighted. A four-track EP, which includes two remixes by the artists DSNGDMANN and Isgang.
The EP is already available on Bandcamp and on March 8th it will be available on all platforms.
Filias y Fobias, this is the name you have given to your EP, a curious name to say the least. What has led you to use this name for your EP?

BILY: First of all, thank you very much for the words, I am glad to know that you liked my work, I was delighted with the result, so pure mutualism.
I am very interested in everything related to the knowledge of the human mind and the relationship that we have as individuals towards the external world that surrounds us. This EP arises a little from the reflection about the two most powerful emotions that condition human behavior, pleasure and fear. I try to transform those thoughts into a sound in the studio and be able to condense it into a song.

Jorge: Personally, I think it’s a amazing job, I love your way of expressing music with these hypnotic sounds and long melodies where the listener can experience a journey from beginning to end.
I would like to know, what did you like the most when making this album?

BILY: I always enjoy in the studio with each step when making a Track, but in this case with the atmospheres of these songs I took a lot of work time to develop them.

Jorge: I couldn’t tell you a favorite track, because all the tracks seem amazing to me, for you, which is your favorite?

BILY: Hahaha that question is like asking a father which of his children he loves the most. I like both but staying between us I tell you that I like Fobia better.

Jorge: Filias y Fobias includes two remixes by the artists Isgang and DSNGDMANN, we know them well because they are from the Loopaina Records family from the beginning and we know what they are capable of. What do you think of working with them? And one more compromised question… hehe, which of the remixes do you like the most?

BILY: Yeah, she’s even more of a compromised than the last one, hahaha, but Hey! I’m going to get wet. The two remixes have worked great in the last Set I did a couple of weeks ago, but I really like the Isgang remix that I’ve given to my original. I have had the opportunity to remix a track for the latest DSNGDMANN EP on the Amrod label and the originals are amazing, I loved being able to remix “Fractura Allegórica” a tremendous melody and a tremendous EP.

Jorge: It’s your first EP that we released on Loopaina Records and we hope it’s not the last… What do you think of our label? And why have you been encouraged to release music with us?

BILY: It’s always comforting to find artists and labels that know how to do things and do a good job, with clear ideas, quality, criteria and above all, desire and passion. Those labels are the ones I like to work with. It is the first but it will not be the last.

Jorge: We know about your great career as a producer, having your Cinética Inerte label, where we can listen to works by great artists on the scene. Do you have things prepared for this 2023?

BILY: Yes, for this year at the moment I have 3 EPs closed and I am finishing some things for my label as well.

Jorge: Regarding your productions that are listened to and admired by many people on the scene.
Who are your artists most influence you when making your music?

BILY: Well, you have a lot of influences, I listen to many different genres, yes, everything I listen to has to give me something positive. If not, I’m not interested. As for artists, I could tell you many but hey, so the ones that always come to mind are Surgeon, Regis Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Lewis Fautzi. In the end it is the Techno style that generates the most emotions in me.

Jorge: As a producer you are a genius, but let’s talk a little about what BILY is like in the booth. First of all, where do you feel most comfortable? Booth or studio?

BILY: They are completely different environments and they are equally enjoyed in their situations. In the end, one thing leads to another. If you make music there comes a time when you need to show your work to others and submit to criticism and reactions.
In the booth I am always comfortable as I love making people dance. I’ve never stopped DJing but it’s true that I haven’t been in a club booth for a long time, since 2019. I miss it so I’m working to change that this year.

Jorge: Coming soon and I don’t want to anticipate events, we have things in mind for the north of Spain where we would like to do a showcase, how do you rate the scene in Cantabria? What do you think could improve?

BILY: There is no scene in Cantabria. Something is done but it is manifestly improvable. Here there are the same problems as in the rest of the communities, volumes, licenses, neighbors and a long etc.
But hey, I am positive in that aspect, since since it can be improved, it can be interesting to try to improve it with new projects.

Jorge: Finally we want to thank the entire Loopaina Records team for your work, your dedication and your attitude, as I told you at the beginning, we are delighted to have you in this family and we wish you the best in your career and personally.

BILY: Thank you very much for trusting in my work. I am sure that we will make good friends in all areas. A fucking pleasure.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records

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