Today we have the pleasure of sharing a few words with the Spanish producer Rutechno.

His passion for electronic music began when he was only 14 years old and after many years of experience his main objective has always been innovation and always knowing how to adapt to what the public asks for, creating sets full of technique and very good. sounds.
He has released music on different labels such as Cyberna, Technz Records, Over Records, Black Reverb, Dreizehn Schallplatten to name a few.
His next album, Resplandor, will be the seventh EP for the label Loopaina Records, which will be available on all platforms on 08-10-2022.

Jorge: We are facing the release of your next EP that you release with Loopaina Records, but let’s start knowing a little about you. We are curious to know about your artist name Rutechno, how did you get the idea?

Rutechno: Well, the truth is that there is not much mystery, we were some colleagues and it came up quickly, it comes from my pseudonym
as everyone calls me (Rubio) and you know the rest, the magic word, the one that catches you, the one that you are passionate about
TECHNO, that’s how it came about, has no mystery.

Jorge: Over the years we are adding experience and we know about yours in the studio. Going back to the past, how were those early years when you started your career as a deejay and music producer?

Rutechno: My passion for electronic music started when I was only 14 years old
and after many years of experience my main objective has always
It has been innovation and knowing how to adapt to the public, creating sets full of technique and very good sounds, always having a wide range.
As for musical production, I haven’t been in this for a long time, but little by little I think I’m finding
my style, my sound, that sound that makes every producer stand out from the rest.

Jorge: On an emotional level, what are you most passionate about electronic music?

Rutechno: Well I’ve always said that for me electronics is like a state of mind, that’s why I’m passionate about it.
Having it as a hobby is something that I wouldn’t change for anything, and more so in terms of production, despite the fact that the electronics industry is in such bad shape, (you know…, you have to like it very much, to be better) If it weren’t for what you’re passionate about, I wouldn’t continue in this, but well, as I say, I’ve been behind the decks since I was very young and, as he says, “I’ll die with my boots on”, and if I can and the circumstances allow me, I’ll follow him instilling in my children and I hope it excites them as much as it does me.

Jorge: Resplandor, that’s the name of this amazing EP, which is your latest work and which will be the next release on the record label Loopaina Records, which will be available next week, specifically on Wednesday, August 10. Tell us a little about him, what are you trying to convey with this album?

Rutechno: Well… well, I try to transmit some freshness to this release, within what characterizes me,
without ever losing that forcefulness and that Groove that you always sense will be present in my tracks.

Jorge: Talking about Loopaina Records, what do you think of this new label that is going strong in its first stage?

Rutechno: Well, the truth is that I think it’s great, that there are enterprising people in the techno industry in this country and more so in this aspect, with dark and broken sounds, the most underground of all.
they will go far and I assure you, this label is going to give a lot to talk about, with people like that it’s nice to work.

Jorge: And finally, we would like to know what your near future is, what projects do you have in mind?

Rutechno: Well for now, I don’t have anything like that in the short term, I have several projects in mind but I think it will take a while
to see the light, I’ll tell you.

Before saying goodbye, if you allow me I wanted to send a greeting to a person who is always with me
supporting me in the musical theme, a manager as I say, a friend of the real ones, also a techno unconditional,
Juan José Ortiz Clavijo (Marinero) Thank you.

Jorge: Thank you very much for this time with you, and above all thank you very much for your new album Resplandor, we are counting down the days until it comes out on all platforms.

We wish you the best

Rutechno: Thank you very much family, the pleasure is mine.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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