Today we meet with the artist from Madrid Rødder, where he will tell us a little about his new work for Loopaina Records. A four-track EP that certainly won’t leave anyone indifferent.
It will be our 13th release, and it will be available on Wednesday 19th October on all platforms.

Jorge LPR: Hi Rødder, first of all we want to thank you for this amazing EP , a four-track EP that, of course, the entire Loopaina Records team has been very satisfied with.
We would like to know a little more about this new EP. What are you trying to convey with “Infinity”?

Rødder: A pleasure as always to be able to work and collaborate with you in this great label; It’s time to release the second EP and for this I wanted to capture a turning point in my techno style. Currently I find that I have reached a higher level of production and have developed my own identity. With the track Infinity I have described an astral journey in which I have immersed myself towards sci techno which is beginning to stand out as a new style of fashionable techno. From him I want to take the listener or that person on the dance floor to disconnect from everything and just get carried away by the atmospheric sounds

Jorge LPR: Speaking of the tracks, I personally wouldn’t know which one I could choose as my favorite, because all four seem like bombs to me. For you, which would be your favorite?

Rødder: For me, Infinity and Random Numbers define my moment because of that sound that I have achieved, sci and hypnotic style, in which very methodical transitions of the synthesizer sounds and the atmospheres that go in and out are made. I think they are tracks to play in rooms that you can use well for the most critical moments of the session or if you develop a set of different techno, to be able to include any of these two works as a turning point.

Jorge LPR: We know about your career as a producer, you are always in constant evolution and learning, where later you try to capture all that work in the studio.
In “Infinity”, will we be able to feel novelties in your production technique?

Rødder: Regarding production techniques, say that the most important thing is to learn something every day, always something new, and put it into practice in your daw. I have had feedback from a great friend and producer, Adri G, who told me that he likes my productions because of the energy and strength that I express in the tracks. Also some demos have been played by other producers in their sets and that leads you to reaffirm that at the point I’m at I’m on the right track.

Jorge LPR: It is already the second album that you publish with the Loopaina Records label, and we feel you as part of the family. We would like to know how your start in the team has been and what you think about how things are being done.

Rødder: Since I contacted the label I have felt very welcome and I feel that people here are taken care of and the work they do is valued, apart from giving a lot of support at the promo level. In conversations with one of the owners of the label, we have commented on my support and commitment each year to continue collaborating well through EPs or remixes for other producers. I consider that the level of monthly releases is good to maintain consistency in the market and for the label to have a well-deserved reputation, but for me as long as a homogeneous style of production is maintained. Make the music you like, don’t copy for wanting to get into such a renowned label.

Jorge LPR: With the newly created Loopaina Records Booking, we seek to have a group of artists with the same ideals in terms of transmitting music wherever it is. How would you define yourself as a Deejay in the booth?
We know that you work both in vinyl and digital format, how does Rødder feel more comfortable?

Rødder: I’ve been DJing since October 2001 and I’ve gone through various styles, but I prefer the techno produced from 1996 to 2000, and it’s that part of the time that has marked me forever when it comes to DJing. I always always develop a set in which I tell a story in which you introduce people on a path to take them to the hottest part of the session, then I usually put some track to lower and again I raise the revolutions where I include some techno classic.

I mainly play in vinyl format, because I like to play, feel, manage music in 12-inch format. I keep going to my favorite store Ater Cosmo, where my friends Fabio and Unkle Fon always supply me with news. However, due to the current times, I do not rule out combining both formats, as I did on the last occasion for the Clublarm party in the Sala Muv. What you don’t get on vinyl you end up getting on mp3.

Jorge LPR: Well, to finish, we would like to know what your next projects are and your next dates.

Rødder: As upcoming news I have in my hands to release another EP for an Argentine label, with a sci cut; another EP for a Madrid label; Looking ahead to 2023, an EP for a good producer friend, and closing more jobs for labels I usually collaborate with.

Jorge LPR: We take the opportunity to send you a greeting from the entire Loopaina Records team, and wish you the best in your career.

Rødder: A pleasure to always be able to serve you and waiting to see what’s new.

Interview by Jorge del Río, Loopaina Records.

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