Cúmulo Global [LPR025]

Label: Loopaina Records
Artist(s): Isgang
Remixer(s): N/A
Album/Single: Cúmulo Global
Track(s): Markarian 110, Cygnus A, Messier 59, Fairall 9 & Teegarden b
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: LPR025
Release Date: April 5th, 2023

Mastered by Loopaina Records

3% of the Loopaina Records` benefits will be destined to children autism NGOs


Supported by:

Takaaki Itoh: "Teegarden B (Original Mix) is top for me"

Kmyle: "great release, thanks i will try it !"

Petar Lazovic: "10"

Matt Saderlan: "very nice, good music."

FadeFace: "Thanks will try!"

LachrymaL: "Proper techno release!! Markarian 110 it's my favourite, thanks!!."

Gram Negative: "Great stuff. Cygnus A stands out for me. Thanks"

Juho Kusti: "Thanks!"

Marcel Dettmann: "thx"

Bluenose: "muy buenos los 4.... Los pondre !!!"

Vegim: "Very nice tracks. Messier 59 is the one for me"

Erik Pijl: "All tracks are good, thanks, will play this!!"

XHEI: "Gran trabajo amigos !!"

Matt Altman [ALT RECORDS]: "Interesting cuts here. "Messier 59" is dope.
Thanks for sending!"

Markantonio: "Downloading for Markantonio, thanks for the music !"

Ison / Actor One | Anastasios Diolatzis: "Cygnus A is very good"

Roi: "Great music here!"

Orde Meikle: "Thanx"

Justine Perry: "Thanks, nice stuffs here!"

electric rescue: "nice one will play thanks"

Etam: "Isgang never disappoints, great job"

DSNGDMANN: "Another great ep from Isgang. Messier 59 & Fairall 9 my favorites."

PWCCA: «Nice EP, full support!»

Downside: Hypnotizing stuff! «Markarian 110» stands out for me. Thanks for sharing.

Tell Arming: very good ep I really like its hypnotic concept

Oliver Rosemann: "Messier 59 is very good! thank you"

Flug: "Messier 59 (Original mix) is nice."

Drucal: "Pure fire "

Joseph Capriati: "downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !"

Richie Hawtin: "downloaded for r hawtin"

Casual Treatment: "Markarian 110 & Messier 59 for me :)"

Greenbeam & Leon: "Isgang Messier 59 (Original mix)"

Aöcram: "Loopaina is killing it as always! Messier 59 for me, will play it a lot for sure ;)"

Jack Fresia - Modular Side Music: "support"