Team Series 001 / Paul&Deep

“100% recorded session with tracks by the artist Paul&Deep”



Dj and producer from Medina del Campo, Valladolid, born in March 1988. Actually he resides at Valladolid, Spain.

He started to play vinyl at 2009, played at the wonderful and epic club “Sala Zeus – Dancing Club” and thanks at his skills with “plastics” become the resident of “Club Omen” in Aranda de Duero there for 2011. Since then his path was really extensive, but always at the “underground side” of the thence scene, playing at really good clubs in Spain like Sala Reset (Zaragoza), Specka (Madrid), Sala Morocco (Madrid), Blue Monday (Vitoria), Fabrik (Humanes/Madrid) and much more.

At 2015 he digged deeply in this crazy and extensive world of produce techno music, published his first EP “Travels” with LuxuriaKick Records, starting his own career like a techno producer. Hakiri Records, E-HRNZ Records, Loopaina Records, Emulsion Records, Over Records, Maintain Replay Records, Machine Control Records, Complete Records among many others at the worldwide, managing to reach the BEATPORT’S TOP 100 with his productions.

Actually owner of his label Random Select Records with two friends (Mariusz Mieszkac and Daniel Lara), a techno label exclusively that is being the talk of the national techno scene with artist like Hermann (SPN), Vernucci (ARG) and his own Paul&Deep.

Paul&Deep is hypnotic, industrial, electrical and crackling melodies mixed with all the dar powerful dance flooring. Influenced by every kind of electronic music, always pretended to fix his own soul at his productions, making an unique melting pot with a personal character. Bass, groove and soul that’s Paul&Deep.

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